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so glad you made it!

i am a founder, engineer, and researcher, currently living in NYC. i am a 26 year old American lady. i have a partner who i live and travel with and a big fluffy dog named alan turing.

i am the founder of a company. the website doesn’t describe what we currently do very well, because it’s from before we stopped trying to GTM directly with decentralized storage inside of web3… we should probably update it.

anyway, we built a very cool filesystem that provides various cryptographic guarantees about the provenance and privacy of the data inside it. we also built a private fileshare that uses the filesystem in the browser or locally. we’re currently working on sticking it into useful apps and selling it to defense and civilian buyers. stay tuned.

my free-time activities include some research and freelance development for money and fun, and lots of hobbies (see my about page).