Tutorial Introduction to MDL

Source post here.

Understanding LSTM Networks

Source post here.

C2PA Bear Thoughts

This is a Twitter thread I posted about C2PA, reproduced and edited here for posterity because my Twitter auto-deletes.


I left grad school a few years ago in 2021. Right before that, I remember my NLP professor excitedly telling us about these new “transformer” things that had insanely high performance, and being amazed at how I trained my Chromebook to speak German. I (intensely regrettably) went into a multi-year crypto{graphy, currency} wormhole immediately after. As I deprogram myself from that cult and re-enter the real world, I’ve had a bit of catching up to do, and now seems like a good time.

Coindesk Decentralized Cloud Op-ed

This is an op-ed about the current problems, and future promise, of the industry my startup is operating in.

Enterprise PMF for Filecoin talk

I gave a talk at Fildev Reykjavik in September 2023 about why Filecoin doesn’t have product-market fit, the steps necessary to get there, and how my company attempts to make the network work. Based on market and product research conducted at Banyan.

Side zk work

While I was at Zuzalu, I got pretty into writing Rust code for ZK / specifically folding.

Trustless CDN Design

I gave a talk about good design and game theory for a trustless CDN at the HTTP Gateways track of IPFS Thing in Brussels, Belgium.


We (Lev Stambler and I) wrote a cool little batched-private-defi-execution app for Ethereum with Lev Stambler for the Zuzalu ZK hackathon.