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  • Token: Considered Harmful

    In which I tell my peers exactly where they can stick their unlicensed securities.

    Tags: writing, research, work, crypto
  • Will we ever get PMF as a better money?

    This post will discuss the possibilities in the market for blockchain-based money and financial products outside of speculation. I will argue that the situation isn’t great.

    The product-market-fit of money is the stability and ease of transacting

    Tags: writing, research, work, crypto
  • Ilya 30u30 guide UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    I left grad school a few years ago in 2021. Right before that, I remember my NLP professor excitedly telling us about these new “transformer” things that had insanely high performance, and being amazed at how I trained my Chromebook to speak German. I (intensely regrettably) went into a multi-year crypto{graphy, currency} wormhole immediately after. As I deprogram myself from that cult and re-enter the real world, I’ve had a bit of catching up to do, and now seems like a good time.

    Tags: research, ai, papers, educational, ilya30u30
  • Trustless CDN Design

    I gave a talk about good design and game theory for a trustless CDN at the HTTP Gateways track of IPFS Thing in Brussels, Belgium.

    Tags: talks, research, decentralized-storage

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